My name is Blake and I am the founder, owner and head coach of Team BBMC.

As an athlete, I discovered my passion for endurance sport in 2001 despite not having a formal background in swimming, cycling or running. That year I competed in my first triathlon and running race. Though I struggled to finish, a fire was ignited and MY journey began.

I sought out my potential in sport, worked my way through the age group ranks and turned Professional in 2006. My career spanned 14 years and took me all over the globe. I competed in over 40 Ironman and 60 Half Ironman events. I was the first Wisconsin native to break 9 hours in an Ironman, I hold a personal best time of 8:28. I also hold a personal best time of 3:54 at the Half Ironman distance and have finished on the Professional podium several times. Beyond the race clock and placings, I had the privilege to meet some amazing people and experience some incredible things. I overcame some major challenges and learned so much about myself and the world we live in. I look to share my experiences and lessons as much as I can, as often as I can.

As a coach, I have formally worked with athletes since 2003. Coaching was a natural way to combine my Professional background in Education with my Professional racing pursuits. I was one of the first midwest coaches to reach Level II certification through USA Triathlon and continue to seek excellence through a belief that no matter how long we do something or how much we achieve, we should never stop learning.

The athletes I work with have a wide range of goals and orientations surrounding sport. From community and socially focused folks, to those wanting to win at the age group World Championships and everywhere between. I work with athletes both locally and remotely. Through the use of technology, coaching services are some of best available, regardless of where an athlete lives or trains.

Beyond the coaching resources, a strength of BBMC is it’s community. These individuals are positive, hard working, fun human beings who you want to be around . Regardless of finish times, goals, or reasons for racing, this community supports achievement, provides camaraderie and lots of fun!

We train year round and are in person for those who live in southern Wisconsin. We have virtual training options for those who train remotely and regardless of where athletes live, we can keep them connected. For full coaching offerings, check out the coaching page on this site. If you are looking somethings slightly different, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a conversation

Thanks for checking us out, I hope to connect with you soon!