Blake Becker is the founder, owner and head coach of Team BBMC.

As an athlete, Blake discovered his passion for the sport of triathlon in 2001 despite not having a formal background in swimming, cycling or running. That year he competed in his first triathlon and struggled to finish after coming out of the water in last place. Though the race did not go well, a fire was ignited and the journey to see what could be done in the sport, began.

After 5 years of dedicated work, Blake worked his way through the age group ranks and turned Professional in 2006. Since that time he has raced all over the globe and has come to specialize at the Half Ironman and Ironman distance. Blake has competed in 60+ Ironman and Half Ironman events and has come away with a number of wins and podium finishes. Blake currently holds a personal best time of 8:28 at the Ironman distance and 3:54 at the Half Ironman distance.

As a USA Triathlon certified coach, Blake has formally worked with athletes since 2003 and started Team BBMC in 2010. Coaching was a natural way to combine his Professional background (BS in Education) and his passion in the sport of triathlon.

Since 2003 Blake has worked with hundreds of athletes who have had a variety of goals that have ranged from completing their first sprint distance to competing at the highest level in the World Championships. While the abilities of each athlete varies, the amount of passion possessed by each athlete does not.

Team BBMC is now a multifaceted outfit with a local team based out of Madison, Wisconsin, as well as a national and international team of athletes who race around the word.